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From an ice breaking dinner to a memorable rendezvous - by Tanisha Sharma, Intern

Helen Keller had once said that the beauty of a lot of things cannot be expressed in words, for they need to be felt by the heart. Similar was what I, an intern at the election commission of India, felt as our commission welcomed its much awaited esteemed guests for the inaugural dinner of our maiden International Conference on voter education for inclusive, informed and ethical participation.

The dinner commemorated the start of something which has never been done in the history of the election commission of India. The grace of hotel Lalit was further accentuated by the presence of various dignitaries from all over the world, who were met with a warm welcome by our Chief Election Commissioner Dr. Nazim Zaidi and other important officials of the Election commission of India. On experiencing the beautiful synergy created by the mingling of the thoughts and words from across the borders, one could actually believe that yes, splendor is often hard to be expressed by a mere wordplay.

Australia talked about its 'Get Voting Program' which is an online platform which enables students to get literature on voter education and conduct school elections. USA shared about how it gives the grants to its various schools and colleges to engage its young students to help them become responsible voters. The audience witnessed the diverse initiatives taken by India at all levels, in order to ensure that 'No Voter is Left Behind'.

The session was further enriched by the interactive session with the audience which threw up some interesting observations and comments.