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"A Conversation with Ms. Sheri- Tavishi Aggarwal, Intern"

It was a wonderful opportunity to interact with an expert on electoral processes from International IDEA, Ms. Sheri Meyerhoffer. She has a vast experience and has worked in countries like Canada, Nepal, China, Cuba, Jamaica, Bolivia and Russia, A Canadian by birth, she has been working in Nepal for the past 10 years, promoting democracy and voter education. Ms Sheri described the most successful initiatives taken by the Election Commission of Nepal including promotion of voter education through Social Media and Mass Media.

She also stressed the need to reach grassroots to promote voter awareness through district reserves and libraries, wherein teachers and librarians are trained to disseminate information regarding elections. She also highlighted the importance of civic education in promoting voter awareness, and talked about the major issues and challenges to democracy and free and fair elections in Nepal. Further taking Ontario, Canada as an example, Ms Sheri pointed out that it is extremely important to involve citizens in the electoral process to gain their trust and make them feel like their vote matters.