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Global Knowledge Network On Voter Education - learning from each other

Electoral Literacy in Formal Education-Ideas Exchanged

Technical Session II, saw presentations from Election Management Bodies of Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Namibia, Pakistan, Tunisia and India.

The inclusion of all the sections of the society was emphasised to maintain the true spirit of democracy. Reaching out to the marginalized sections in their respective countries, a more accessible system for people with disabilities has been devised in most of the countries. Efforts for registration of tribals and the unorganized labour sector and graphical representations for illiterates were made to spread voters’ awareness. Various gender inclusion practices (for women and transgender) were also discussed.

Cooperation with stakeholders and involvement of media held major importance for most. Indonesia shared its initiative for First-time voters: 'KPU Goes to Campus', Myanmar shared its initiative for ethnic inclusion, Nepal shared its initiative of min election museum for spreading electoral awareness.Namibia shared its 'Touch and Feel' EVM for voter awareness. Pakistan has incorporated the messages of its Election Commission in utility bills, public transport and postal services to reach out to everyone.

Youth-motivating programmes were also undertaken by Tunisia. India shared its initiative for inclusion of homeless besides other groups like tribals, women, first time voters and other marginalised segments. International IDEA, Nepal, emphasized on how a democracy requires all citizens to understand and take ownership to effect change.