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True to its name: Hoshiarpur

How Hoshiarpur’s Mascot and a famous online icon encouraged 7,000 new electors from the district to enrol.

For the election officers in Hoshiarpur, enrollment of young voters was a priority task and thus naturally, more stress was put on reaching out to them ahead of the Punjab VidhanSabha Elections 2017. Keeping this in mind, the smart members of Hoshiarpur’s election team came up with two innovative ideas.

The first innovation came with the creation of two mascots, Hoshiar Singh and Syana Singh in Dasuya. Hoshiar Singh is an 18 year old young, but ill-informed elector from Hoshiarpur. On the other hand, Syana Singh is Hoshiar Singh’s retired school teacher. Through their conversations, communicated by memes, plays, dramas and songs, team Dasuya showed the journey of Hoshiar Singh transforming from an ignorant to an intelligent voter.

Strategically sound, Dasuya’s team chose special days, like Christmas and New Year’s, to release a number of creatives. Similarly, Hoshiar Singh's songs, calendars, air mascots and dramas were creatively executed and exhibited in schools and colleges to sensitize new voters as well as villages which ranked low in the voter turnout list from the previous elections. As 7000 young electors got enrolled in the district, the intiative was declared a huge hit and Hoshiar Singh was accepted as the district mascot of Hoshiarpur.

The election team soon realized that a massive engagement with the youth can also be through the social media which laid the ground for the second innovation.

Doing the rounds of social media, where humour is the preferred flavour of the audience, is SsumeirPasricha’sPammi Aunty – the quintessential Punjabi aunty with gossiping second nature to her. Identifying the opportunity, Pasricha was made the district icon of Hoshiarpur. In return, Pammi Aunty in her own distinct style inspired eligible electors to get them registered through her humorous video. The video quickly went viral on the internet and as thousands of youth watched;Pammi aunty drove the message of voter registration home.

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