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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who all are the participants in this Conference?
Election Commissioners and representatives from Election Management Bodies have been invited to participate in the Conference. Besides, experts from the field of Voter Education are also among the speakers. Media and other special invitees shall be among the audience.
2. Do the participants need to get registered?
Yes. A registration link shall be sent alongwith the invitation email to the representatives nominated by the EMBs.
3. What is the country paper? What is the language for the paper?
All invited EMBs have been requested to share success stories or good practices on voter education under the various themes. EMBs can select one or more themes and can submit one or more good practices online on the link mailed to them. This shall appear in the Conference reader. The paper should be in English.
4. What is the distinction between ‘presentation’ and ‘comments’ as given in the Agenda?
There would be some representatives who would be giving power point presentations on selected theme while others shall speak about their country experiences.
5. Who shall be giving the presentations and who shall be giving comments?
Based on the case studies and good practices submitted, participants shall be shortlisted for giving a power point presentation of around 15 minutes duration on a specified theme. They shall be selected on specific criteria viz theme, experience, replicability of the best practice and learnings. Other participants shall be sharing their country experiences and shall comment on the presentations for 5-7 minutes each. Each session shall have 5-6 power point presentations followed by comments/sharing of country experiences by 5-6 participants. All participants shall be informed by 10th September on their role.
6. What Exhibits are to be displayed?
The Conference shall have an Exhibition where participating countries can display the various exhibits related to voter education. Education tools like posters, flash cards, games, audio-visuals, documents, brochures, merchandise etc can be displayed. The details of exhibits that participants want to display should be shared on the portal under the page ‘Exhibits’ so that the requisite display area and props can be arranged.
7. Where will the participants stay?
Participants shall be staying in the hotel ‘The Lalit’. The Conference is being held at 'Taj Palace'. The details of the venue of the Conference are given on home page.
8. How do I go about getting a VISA for the Conference?
All visa applicants are advised to apply for their visa as soon as they are nominated by their EMBs. The Visa invitation letter shall be shared after the participants get themselves registered online.
9. Whom should I contact for any clarifications?
For any programme related queries, you can mail to aarti.eci@gmail.com ; For logistics related queries amit.chhabra@undp.org ; For VISA related queries to dilvar65@eci.gov.in and to rahulsharma.eci@gmail.com
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