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The Conference aims to showcase and elicit good practices – as well as their potential for replication in other contexts – and to provide EMBs with comparative information, data, experiences and examples to mainstream electoral literacy. Moreover, the Conference will aim at coming up with conclusions emerging from the experience of all participants on how to strengthen qualitative and ethical electoral participation, be it through legal frameworks or different policies.


  • to study the best practices by EMBs towards promoting inclusive, informed and ethical electoral participation; identify the roles that different stakeholders can play ; assess challenges related to voter education – and ways to tackle them
  • to explore ways and means to impart electoral literacy through curricula and extra-curricula in educational institutions
  • to explore successful methods of imparting electoral literacy to population outside formal sector of educational institutions
  • to explore role of technology in voter education
  • to look at policies and practices that can support inclusive, informed and ethical electoral participation
  • to assess the impact of voter education in supporting informed and ethical participation in electoral democracy

Concept Paper