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You can enroll as a Service Voter if you are
  1. in the Armed Forces of India
  2. from Assam Rifles, CRPF, BSF, ITBF; GREF in Border Road Organisation; Central Industrial Security Force
  3. employed under the Government of India, in a post outside India
  4. member of an Armed Police Force of a State, and serving outside that state
How to enroll as Service Voter
    Getting Started
  • Find out the name of your Constituency and Part in the district/state of residence
    Fill Enrolment Form
  • Fill 2 copies of Form 2 for Armed forces Download ; Form 2A for Armed Police Force Download ; Form 3 for Govt officials serving abroad Download
  • Fill the Declaration Form & submit to the Record Office or nodal officer
  • A wife of a Service Voter will be enrolled as a service voter on the basis of declaration made by her husband in the form and no separate declaration is required to be made by the wife
  • Alternatively you can also opt to enrol as General Elector at place of posting, if it’s a peace posting
Points to remember
  • While wife can be enrolled as Service Voter, a son / daughter cannot be enrolled as Service Voter
  • No person can be enrolled on more than one electoral roll i.e. when you enrol as a service voter you have to submit a declaration - that you did not get enrolled as a general elector
  • Please remember that you have only one vote. Accordingly you should not vote for more than one candidate
How to Vote
  • When elections are announced, Returning Officer of your constituency shall send you the postal ballot
  • Record your vote by placing clearly a mark opposite the name of the candidate of your choice on the ballot paper; Your vote will be invalid if the mark does not clearly indicate your choice
  • Do not put your signature, any word, sign or any other mark on the ballot paper other than the mark required to record your vote
  • After recording your vote, place the ballot paper in the smaller cover marked 'A' sent herewith; close the cover and secure it by seal
  • Sign the declaration in Form 13A also sent herewith in the presence an officer appointed by the Commanding Officer of the Unit, ship or establishment
  • The officer will attest your signature and return the declaration to you; you must not show your ballot paper to the attesting officer nor tell him how you have voted
  • Place the Declaration and also the smaller cover marked 'A' containing the ballot paper in the larger cover marked 'B'
  • After closing the larger cover, send it to the returning officer by post or by messenger. Give your full signature in the space provided on the cover marked `B'
  • No postage stamp need be affixed by you. You must ensure that the cover reaches the Returning Officer before the specified date
    Alternatively be a Classified Service voter CSV
  • You can opt for voting through PROXY
  • Fill Form 13F before the CO and send it to your proxy for his / her signature before a Notary / First Class Magistrate
  • Proxy can submit the Form to the Returning Officer(RO) concerned
  • If you are at native place, both you and your proxy can sign Form 13 F before a Notary / First Class Magistrate and send to the RO
  • Application for appointment of a proxy should be received by the RO before the last date of filing of nomination papers
  • Proxy should be ANY ordinary resident of that constituency; need not be a registered voter but must not be disqualified to be registered as a voter
  • Once appointed, the proxy will continue until his/her appointment is revoked by the service voter
  • Proxy can be changed/ revoked to revert back to postal ballot by filling Form 13G and submitting to RO
  • Proxy appointed by you shall vote physically at the Polling Station of your Constituency
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