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  1. Voter Awareness Forum - Booklet

    Developing the practice of informed and ethical electoral participation is vital to invest in the future of democracy. Under its flagship programme ‘Systematic Voters’ Education & Electoral Participation’ (SVEEP), the Election Commission of India carries out various interventions for strengthening and enhancing quality electoral participation.
    In organizations, such as Government and Non-Government Organizations as well as in Corporates, the ELC has assumed the name of Voter Awareness Forum (VAF) and serves the purpose of imparting voter education to all employees within an organization.


    Submitted Tuesday 27 September 2022

  2. Electing the First Citizen

    Electing the First Citizen


    Submitted Tuesday 12 September 2023

  3. SVEEP Song Book

    Music is a creative form that has the power to uplift, energise and motivate the masses. It forms an integral part of voter outreach programmes of SVEEP to motivate voters to exercise their franchise. An amalgamation of the top 50 election songs produced by Election Commission of India over the years have been compiled into this Song Book. 


    Submitted Monday 24 January 2022

  4. Voter Guide 2021 - English, Assamese, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil

    Voter Guide with step-by-step instructions for COVID-safe election in different regional languages for Legislative Assembly Election in Assam, Kerala, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. 


    Updated Thursday 01 April 2021

  5. Conducting Elections During Pandemic - A Photo Journey

    This photo book encapsulates the challenging journey of conducting elections amidst a pandemic. The Commission successfully conducted several elections in the country, beginning with the Biennial Election to the Rajya Sabha. This was followed by Legislative Assembly Elections in Bihar, one of the biggest such exercises throughout the world during the pandemic. Bye-Elections were also conducted for 60 assembly constituencies.


    Updated Thursday 04 March 2021

  6. SVEEP Endeavours : Awareness Initiatives during LS2019

    This book provides a detailed insight into voter awareness interventions, innovations and initiatives during the 17th General Election, conducted in 2019. It documents the spirit of 'Desh Ka Mahatyohar', the biggest festival of democracy celebrated across the nation cutting through the barriers of gender, caste, creed and religion.


    Updated Monday 15 March 2021

  7. Chalo Karein Matdaan - Comic Book (Hindi)

    A comic book which aims at voter education in a fun and thought-provoking way. Targeting young, new and future voters, this comic contains interesting and relatable characters like grandmother who is a retired teacher, her students and grandchildren besides other acquaintances, who engross and educate us on electoral processes.


    Updated Tuesday 02 November 2021

  8. My Vote Matters - Vol II.2&3

    The quarterly magazine of Election Commission of India for Free, Fair, Inclusive and Ethical Elections. The theme of current issue is " Sahaj, Sugam, Surakshit, Matdaan". 


    Submitted Thursday 28 January 2021

  9. VoICE International Vol IV 2&3

    Voter Information Communication & Education (VoICE) International Magazine International, January 2021


    Updated Wednesday 10 February 2021

  10. FORM 12D & Certificate to be submitted by electors in quarantine due to COVID-19

    Following can be downloaded from this link:
    1. Form 12D - Letter of intimation to Assistant Returning Officer (for absentee voters)
    2. Certificate to be submitted by COVID-19 Suspect/ Affected Person along with Form 12D
    3. कोविड-19 संदिग्ध/प्रभावित व्यक्ति द्वारा प्रारूप 12घ के साथ जमा किया जाने वाला प्रमाण-पत्र 


    Submitted Friday 09 October 2020

  11. Postal Ballot facility for Senior Citizen (above 80 years) and PwD electors

    वरिष्ठ नागरिक (80 वर्ष से अधिक) / दिव्यांगजन (PwD) निर्वाचकों के लिए डाक मतपत्र की सुविधा हेतु फॉर्म 12-घ भरने हेतु अनुदेश | Instructions for Form 12-D to be filled by Senior Citizen (above 80 years ) / PwD electors for Postal Ballot facility


    Updated Friday 09 October 2020

  12. Voter Guide - Towards a COVID-safe Election

    High Resolution and WEB PDF of Voter Guide with updated information on COVID safety related Poll Day arrangements 


    Submitted Friday 09 October 2020

  13. VoICE International - Vol 4.1

    The eleventh edition of VoICE International magazine, brought to you by ( ) and India A-WEB Centre ( )


    Updated Saturday 18 July 2020

  14. My Vote Matters - Vol 2.1

    This issue of My Vote Matters brings a vivid account of tenth National Voters' Day, first Sukumar Sen Memorial lecture and various other events organised this year, along with several interesting articles. 


    Submitted Wednesday 01 July 2020

  15. महत्वपूर्ण है मत मेरा - My Vote Matters (Hindi) - Vol 1.4

    "महत्वपूर्ण है मत मेरा" का यह अंक आपके लिए चुनाव के विकास, और हमारे देश में लोकतांत्रिक राजनीति के सुदृढ़ीकरण में उसकी भूमिका पर आयोग के वरिष्ठ अधिकारियों के कई दिलचस्प लेखों को लाता है। इस अंक में आम चुनावों से लेकर राज्य विधानसभाओं के लिए क्षेत्रानुसार रिपोर्टें, राज्यों के क्षेत्रीय अनुभव, मतदाता अनुभव, जागरूकता अभियान व कार्यक्रम, नए उपक्रम तथा और भी बहुत कुछ शामिल हैं।


    Submitted Saturday 21 March 2020

  16. My Vote Matters - Vol 1.4

    This issue of My Vote Matters brings to you a variety of very interesting articles from senior officers of the Commission on evolution of elections and their role in consolidation of democratic polity in our country. The issue further includes vibrant field reports on General Elections to the State Legislatures, on field experiences from the States, Voter Experiences, Campaigns, events, new initiatives and lot more.


    Updated Wednesday 05 February 2020

  17. The Centenarian Voters : Sentinels of our Democracy

    ‘The Centenarian Voters: Sentinels of our Democracy’ includes the stories of 51 centenarian voters with diverse backgrounds from across India. Each story speaks of the incessant devotion to duty on the part of these veteran voters. This book is a salute to the centenarian voters for their contribution to democracy.


    Submitted Thursday 30 January 2020

  18. Crossing the Barriers - I Got Inked

    Unique accounts and media reports of voters who overcame all hurdles to participate in the largest festival of democracy - ‘Desh Ka Mahatyohar’.


    Submitted Tuesday 24 December 2019

  19. Accessibility Report 2019 - Crossing the Barriers

    Accessibility Report 2019 presented at National Workshop for Accessible Election, December 2019. 


    Submitted Wednesday 18 December 2019

  20. Reflections from Media - Lok Sabha Election 2019

    Reflections from Media on Lok Sabha Election 2019. 


    Submitted Tuesday 17 December 2019

  21. My Vote Matters - Vol 1.3

    This issue of My Vote Matters, the quarterly magazine of Election Commission of India, majorly covers various initiatives and preparations for Lok Sabha Election 2019. 


    Submitted Wednesday 20 November 2019

  22. 101 Innovations and Initiatives

    A compilation of 101 novel interventions and initiatives undertaken during Lok Sabha Election 2019. 


    Submitted Tuesday 13 August 2019

  23. Lok Sabha Election 2019 - Multimedia Scrapbook

    Snapshots of the SVEEP multimedia campaign conducted nationwide in run-up to Lok Sabha Election 2019. 


    Updated Friday 09 October 2020

  24. Reaching out to every voter - SVEEP Booklet

    An introduction to Systematic Voters’ Education & Electoral Participation (SVEEP) which is a multi-intervention programme that reaches out to educate citizens about the electoral process in order to increase their awareness & participation. SVEEP is designed according to the socio-economic, cultural & demographic profile of the state as well as history of electoral participation in previous rounds of elections and learnings thereof.


    Submitted Tuesday 25 June 2019

  25. My Vote Matters

    The Quarterly magazine of ECI


    Submitted Saturday 11 May 2019

About Us

SVEEPSystematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) is a programme of multi interventions through different modes and media designed to educate citizens, electors and voters about the electoral process in order to increase their awareness and participation in the electoral processes. SVEEP is designed according to the socio-economic, cultural and demographic profile of the state as well as the history of electoral participation in previous rounds of elections and learning thereof.   

Election Commission of India..

ECIThe Election Commission of India is an autonomous constitutional authority responsible for administering election processes in India. The body administers elections to the Lok SabhaRajya Sabha, State Legislative Assemblies in India, and the offices of the President and Vice President in the country. The Election Commission operates under the authority of Constitution per Article 324, and subsequently enacted Representation of the People Act

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